Never overpay for energy again

Throughout the year, Flipper saves you money by seamlessly switching you onto the best energy deals. Sign up in 60 seconds and you could be saving £385/year or more.

How it works

For busy

Energy switching is tedious and complicated. Let us do the hard work for you.


With guaranteed savings of at least £50/year, Flipper is completely risk-free.

You're in

Unlike similar services, we're not paid by suppliers. We only work for you.

How it works


Get started in 60 seconds

Anyone can sign up from anywhere. You don't need to know anything about your energy supply — we just need a few simple bits of information you'll know off the top of your head, and we'll find out the rest for you.

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No bills needed

We get your bills from your online energy account. If you don't have one, we'll create one for you.

No expertise needed

We get what we need from your bill, so only the most accurate data is used to find your deal.

All we need

We only need some basic information from you, like your name, date of birth and address.


We find and flip you to your best deal

Introducing Joules: The most advanced saving algorithm in the world

We'll find your best energy deal within one working day, taking any exit fees and discounts into account when we calculate your savings. We'll send you the full details of your new tariff and start switching you to it straight away.

More about how we flip you to your best deal

We find your deal

We scour the entire market to identify your best energy deal, based on your usage.

We 'flip' you

We'll assess whether you're better off switching now, and either flip you straight away, or wait until you don't incur exit fees.

We go further

We manage the entire switching process and confirm when your new supply goes live.


You'll never overpay for energy again

Have peace of mind knowing that we'll always keep you on your best energy deal. We check the market and your bills 4 times a year, and if we find you an even better deal with greater savings, we'll switch you again.

More about our ongoing service

We keep you saving

We'll tell you when we're going to flip you again, giving you the option to opt out of your next switch.

We react to the market

We monitor the market, and if your supplier is forecast to increase their prices, we'll flip you to avoid them.

We only get better

Our algorithms learn more about your usage over time, so we get even better at saving you money.

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All this for just £25/year

It's a bargain. Here's why...

Guaranteed savings of at least:

It's risk-free — we won't flip or charge you until we find you a deal that saves you a minimum of £50/year.

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Average annual savings
Thomas from Manchester
Last week’s highest saver
Ian from Oakham, 30.01.17
This year's highest saver
Average annual savings
Thomas from Manchester
Last week’s highest saver
Ian from Oakham, 30.01.17
This year's highest saver
The best deals from approved suppliers
large suppliers
small to medium suppliers

Flipper only supports suppliers that satisfy our 6 supplier requirements, ensuring we’re able to provide you with the best service possible. We can even switch you to deals exclusive to price comparison sites.

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Your privacy is respected
Privacy First

We charge a subscription fee, so we don't need to make money by sharing or selling your data.

Your details are kept private and secure

We'll never bombard you with ads

Covered by the Data Protection Act

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You’re in control

We work for you, after all.

Exclude suppliers

Tailor our service to meet your needs by excluding suppliers you don't like from our searches.

Change your mind

You have 14 days to cancel your switch and we'll flip you again for free, no questions asked.

Choose how to pay

Choose whether you'll pay your energy bills by monthly Direct Debit or on Receipt of Bill. 

Matt 💜 Flipper. Here's why...

"With Flipper, the experience was much easier than a price comparison website. I’ve already saved £350 on my first switch, which is incredibly positive."

Matt Bishop from Surrey

Start saving today!

Join Flipper and never overpay for energy again. With guaranteed savings of at least £50/year, it's completely risk-free, so why wait?

Never switched before?

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

  1. Switch at any time
    You don’t need to wait for your existing contract to run down — we can switch you at any time, taking any exit fees into account when we calculate your savings.
  2. Don’t worry about the lights going out.
    Switching tariffs doesn’t mean your energy supply will be cut off. Your gas and electricity will always flow — the only thing that changes is how much you pay for it.
  3. No installation required
    Your meter won’t need to be replaced and you won't need a new one installed. We’ll work with whatever you have to find your best energy deal and switch you to it.

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