Flipper vs GoCompare

Why Flipper is a better alternative for you than price comparison sites like GoCompare.

Here’s why we’re a better alternative for you than price comparison sites like GoCompare.

96.59% of people won’t find their cheapest energy deal using price comparison sites.

Most of us know we could save money through energy comparison and switching energy supplier, but if you’re unlikely to find the best deal on a price comparison site, how do you find it?

This is just one of the remarkable findings we uncovered from our Flipper Challenge, a study that challenged 88 people to find the cheapest energy deal using 5 leading price comparison sites—GoCompare.com, uSwitch.com, Confused.com, CompareTheMarket.com and MoneySuperMarket.com.* Out of 88 people, only 3 managed to find the cheapest deal.

The Flipper challenge research methodology:
  • The research platform we used was whatusersdo.com.
  • Participants were from all over the UK.
  • Their age range was 20—76.
  • They chose the time and place to undertake the challenge.
  • They were given as much time as they required to complete it.
  • To ensure the results were fair and accurate, the participants were all provided with the same bill to work from.

1) Flipper finds the best energy deal for you. No need for energy comparison.

Unlike price comparison sites like GoCompare, Flipper doesn’t give you a long list of energy tariffs to wade through and compare yourself. We simply check your energy usage to find you your best deal, so energy comparison is unnecessary.

Our Flipper Challenge found that, on average, it takes 21 minutes and 54 seconds for people to find what they believe is their cheapest energy deal using price comparison sites. Shockingly, 96.59% didn’t actually find their best available tariff and were missing out on potential significant savings of up to £587/year.

Flipper's highest customer saving this year

2) Flipper checks your bills for you to give you an accurate quote.

In order for price comparison sites like GoCompare to present you with a list of tariffs to choose from, they ask you for information on your energy bill that people tend to misinterpret or simply get wrong. YouGov research found that 60% of people find their energy bills difficult to understand, and if you’re entering incorrect data, this will result in inaccurate quotes and missed savings.

Our Flipper Challenge found that 71.6% of people entered their annual energy usage incorrectly, so we check your usage for you to ensure we find you your best deal.

3) Flipper doesn’t receive commission from suppliers.

Price comparison sites like GoCompare receive commission from energy suppliers so they won’t necessarily switch you to your cheapest tariff, but to a deal that nets them commission payments.

0% commission
never paid by suppliers, Flipper works only for you

We work for you and only you—we don’t receive any commission from or get influenced by suppliers, so you can be sure that we’re finding you your best deal, not ours.

The Telegraph reports that up to 60% of the best energy deals may not be available on price comparison sites.

4) Flipper even switches energy suppliers for you.

Price comparison sites like GoCompare only provide you with a list of energy tariffs to choose from. Once you decide which deal you want to go for, you then have to go through the hassle of switching suppliers yourself. At Flipper, we not only find you your best energy deal but also switch suppliers for you, so you can sit back and relax while we do the hard work.

❝ This is a great service and I can't recommend Flipper highly enough! ❞
Nick Langford,
saving £184/year with no work.

5) Flipper keeps you on the best energy deal.

Price comparison sites like GoCompare offer you a one-time deal, but don’t tell you if there’s a newer deal available that can save you more money. At Flipper, we check the market for you every 3 months and switch you again if we find you a cheaper deal than your current one, ensuring that you’re always on the best available tariff.

4 checks a year
Flipper ensures you are always on the best deal

6) Flipper is there for you for the long haul.

Price comparison sites like GoCompare don’t care beyond their initial transaction with you. Why would they when their job is done and they’ve received their commission? Our job doesn’t end once we switch you—our customer care team are always there to answer any of your energy-related questions and will continue to deal with your current and future suppliers on your behalf.

Flipper's customer care team

7) Signing up with Flipper is a piece of cake.

When you sign up to a price comparison site like GoCompare, you’ll be asked to provide information like your current suppliers, tariff names, annual energy usage and bill start/end dates. When you sign up to Flipper, all we need to know is a few personal details and we’ll do the rest. You don’t even need to know who your current supplier is—we can find that out for you.

In short, Flipper doesn’t just save you time and money—we want to improve your overall energy experience, cutting out energy comparison and dealing with suppliers. We’re always looking at new ways to do this, such as turning bills from your energy supplier into simple statements that are easy to understand, and keeping a supplier complaints database which we’re using to empower our members in their relationships with energy providers.

So, rather than using price comparison sites like GoCompare and becoming another statistic, sign up to Flipper—your personal energy shopper—for only £25/year. We’re free until we find you a deal that saves you at least £50/year, so why wait?

Flipper offers a better energy experience