At last - A way to save money on energy without expending much energy

Kate and Anthony Faulkner estimate they will save about £2,000 after using Flipper to switch energy deals
Ali Hussain

Kate Denton and her husband Anthony Faulkner lead busy lives so they can never find the time to search for a better energy deal. Sound familiar?

The energy regulator Ofgem estimates that you can cut your annual bill by about £300 if you have never switched before, but many people simply do not get round to it or find the process too cumbersome.

But Denton and Faulkner, who live in a nine-bedroom detached house in Lavenham, Suffolk, have discovered an alternative. They outsourced the switching process to a company called Flipper, which does all the work for a fee of £25. As the couple are going to save nearly £2,000 over the next 12 months, it may turn out to be a canny investment.

Faulkner said: "Flipper outsources all that effort to a clever algorithm without me having to do very much at all.

You have to register your details online ( Flipper searches for the best deal for your circumstances. If it finds a tariff that should save you at least £50 over a year, after taking account of any exit penalties for switching, it will instigate an automatic switch and charge you £25.

Flipper will review your use every three months - and the deals available - and move you to another tariff if you can save at least another £50. You will not be charged again for further switches within a 12-month period.

Unlike comparison websites, Flipper does not receive a penny from suppliers, so there is no incentive to promote or exclude any deals.

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