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Goodbye price comparison. Hello Flipper. Your personal energy expert will find and switch you to the cheapest gas & electricity deal, managing the whole process for you.

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Meet your personal energy expert

Meet Jenny, your very own energy expert. She will find and switch you to the cheapest energy deal on the market, managing the whole process for you.

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Your personal energy expert checks your energy usage & tariff for you directly with your energy company.
Within one working day, they find your best gas & electricity deal taking all exit fees and discounts into account.
They will then make the switch for you, confirm it’s gone through, and email you when it's done.

What our customers are saying

❝Flipper offers a way to disrupt the price comparison market by making energy switching simpler.❞
❝Flipper will automatically move your account to the lowest-cost provider, searching for and switching to the best possible tariffs as they arise, rather than being a simple comparison service❞
❝In my case, Flipper was able to identify £816.07 savings. I dare say my wife will come up with some weird and wonderful way to spend it.❞
❝A new company called Flipper says it will not only compare tariffs on your behalf, but organise the switch automatically too – up to four times a year.❞

About Flipper

We set up Flipper because we’re sick of paying more than we need to for energy – and we’re sure that you are too.

But when we tried to find a better deal, we noticed that comparison sites just provided us a complex (and inaccurate) list of tariffs to compare. We’d have to do all the hard work, and the middle-man would take a slice of commission.

We came up with a better way of saving money. We came up with Flipper.