Our Suppliers

Our aim is to offer our members access to every tariff from every provider on the market. However we only work with accredited suppliers who meet the regulator, Ofgem’s, supplier licence conditions (see bottom). This is so we can provide you with the best service possible.

There are some suppliers we are unable to support due to:

- Not providing online accounts - we need this to link your Flipper account to an online portal.

- Providing gas services only - a very small number but we have decided to exclude those who don’t also supply electricity.

- Providing poor customer service - we not only reject certain suppliers from joining our panel based on their customer service, but regularly review and remove any suppliers that either cause Flipper concern or have been flagged by Ofgem.

- Providing only multi occupancy bills - we are hoping to add multi-occupancy soon, but at this stage our system does not support this.

- Bundled utilities with broadband, mobile phone etc - again, we are hoping to offer more than energy in the future, but for now we cannot support bundled bills.

- Mobile phone app only - to support you and manage your energy effectively, we feel that a telephone contact centre is important.

Ofgem’s supplier requirements:

1. Suppliers take no more than 35 days to switch you after they receive your application, and don’t need to visit your home to complete your switch.

2. Suppliers provide full details of your new tariff and offer you a 14-day cooling off period to cancel your switch.

3. Your current and new suppliers work together to ensure you aren’t charged twice for the same energy and inform us of any problems with your switch as soon as possible.

4. Suppliers issue regular and accurate bills on time (at least once every six months), and make them available to you via an online energy account.

5. Suppliers send you your final bill no later than six weeks after your switch is complete and pay any money they owe you no later than 14 days after sending you your final bill.

6. Suppliers must allow you to pay for their energy via direct debit on sign up.

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