September 17, 2020

You Get What You Pay For…

Everyone’s Dad has a favourite saying. My Dad’s was “You get what you pay for.”

And - as Dad’s usually are - he was right. This maxim doesn’t just apply to buying a new car or clothes or furniture, it’s universal – it’s even true when it comes to switching your energy supplier.

“ Hard work never hurt anyone, did it? ”

For many years now, people have typically used a Price Comparison Site to switch their supplier. A key attraction being that these sites are free to use, but when you look at the service they actually offer is it worth it?

  • The site may compare ‘a wide range of offers’ but they’ll only help you switch to a limited range of deals. Depending which website you choose this could be less than half of those available and may not include any of the Top 10 offers in the market.
  • You do pretty much all of the work yourself: you have to provide all your details, you are shown a list of tariffs have to work out which tariff you think is best for you, you still have to manage the switch yourself and speak to your old and new suppliers.
  • And if something goes wrong with your switch or supplier it’s up to you to sort it out – sitting on the phone listening to some awful hold music or trying to work out which of the 9 options you require.
  • Then, if you want to ensure you stay on the best deal, that’s up to you too. You need to go back to the site and do the whole thing over (and over) again – assuming you have the time or the inclination.

“ It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you save. ”

So, while you don’t pay to use a Comparison Site, when you think about it - why would you?

“Hard work never hurt anyone” but no one ever said hard work was fun…Instead, how about paying a small annual fee to a service called Flipper that:

  • Can actually switch you to over 50 suppliers
  • Uses the data from your bill to find you the right deal, e-mails you the details then handles the switching process for you
  • Contacts the supplier on your behalf if anything goes wrong to sort it out, and will answer the phone to you in around 10 seconds if you need to speak to someone
  • Continues to check the market every month for you, letting you know if you're still on the best deal or need to switch again – which they will do for you

All of which means you’ll save more money on your bill, which is important given ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’! Flipper members save an average of £385 when they are first flipped. That sounds like something worth signing up to – especially as the annual fee is just £30 per year, no matter how many times you get switched.

“ Act in haste, repent at leisure.

My Dad thought so and signed up… eventually. He thought Flipper sounded great, but he’d been a British Gas customer for many years and while he knew he was paying more than he should, he found being with a big supplier ‘re-assuring’. However, after seeing his bills continually rise last year, he finally decided enough was enough.

“ The important things in life… aren’t things.

So my Dad is now a Flipper member – and a very happy one at that.

He is also now a Grandad, and spending time with his 5 grandkids is much more fun than managing his energy bills – and he now gets to spoil them (even more) with the money he is saving.

He still tells me “You get what you pay for” and thanks to Flipper I’ve been able to show him he was absolutely right!

Mark Gutteridge - Flipper MD.

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