September 17, 2020

What would you spend £385 on?

If you had £385 to spend on something for yourself, what would it be?

Ever fancied owning a Montblanc pen or a Tissot watch? Feel like a long spa weekend to ease yourself into January? Maybe your iPad or tablet is on its way out? Or, like many of us following the excesses of Christmas, gym memberships are on your mind or at the top of your new years resolution list for 2019. The figure of £385 is the average saving consumers can make by signing up to be a member of Flipper, the UK’s only truly independent energy auto-switching service.

Not only does Flipper continuously scour the entire energy market to find our members the best deals, we also moves people onto the cheapest tariffs as soon as they can save money, rather than wait until their current deal comes to an end. It's so different to traditional energy switching, we decided to call it Flipping.

What’s more, in just two and a half years our members who have signed up to use our service have amassed combined savings of over £10m!

According to trade organisation Energy UK consumers’ willingness to switch suppliers has never been higher, with 5.5 Million households switching in 2018. With 73 active suppliers offering around 400 tariffs and 57 price rises in 2018 it's no surprise consumer loyalty to their supplier is being trumped by the benefits of shopping around.

“Everyone knows that big savings can be made by switching and, by signing up to Flipper, consumers can be confident that they are on the best deal available, without having to do all the boring stuff required to switch themselves,” said Mark Gutteridge, managing director of Flipper.

He added “On average, people who sign up to Flipper save £385 a year on their energy bills, money which can be put to good use either supplementing the household budget or, if possible, treating themselves.”

“For instance, it’s the time of year when people start thinking about their waistlines so that money could pay for a road bike or even a year’s gym membership.”

He added: “We all like to spoil ourselves from time to time and a saving of almost £400 would certainly allow people to splash out on something they otherwise might not be able to afford.”

Top 10 purchases for under £385

1. Gym membership – £385

2. Road/mountain bike – £380  

3. Montblanc pen – £350

4. Tissot watch – £340

5. iPad – £340

6. Spa weekend away – £375

7. Designer handbag – £285

8. Fortnum and Mason hamper – £350

9. Gucci leather belt – £350

10. Helicopter ride over London / Hot air balloon ride over Bristol – £350

Would any of these make your list? No doubt we've missed a few great ideas off the list, (feel free to let us know what you'd spend it on). Some of you may even want to put your money towards something more practical like a savings account for you child, guitar lessons or a healthier monthly grocery shop?

Either way, £385 is a great amount to be able to have back in your budget for the year. Note: £385 is only our average saving, we've had some larger houses with high energy usage (probably heated swimming pools) who've saved as much as £4000 a year on their energy bills! Why not check out what you can save by joining Flipper and let us know what you've spent or would spend your savings on (on our Facebook page).

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