September 17, 2020

What is Flipping energy?

'Flipping' your energy is an evolved form of switching your energy supplier. Flipping does all the hard work for you, by automatically finding and switching you to the best energy deals and continuing to check the market every month for you to make sure you stay on the cheapest energy, forever. Flipper actually invented auto-switching a few years back in 2016 when we launched. We decided to call what we do ‘flipping’ –as it’s quicker and easier than normal ‘switching’.

Flipper joined local TV hosts to talk about how we flip energy suppliers.

Who are Flipper?

Flipper is an Energy auto switching service based in Bristol. Over the past few years we’ve completed more than 35,000 flips for our members and saved them a total of 10 million pounds on their gas and electricity bills. On average we save our members £385 on their first Flip.

Mark, when did you join Flipper, were you with them from the start?

No, I was working at Go Compare when Flipper launched! But I’ve lived in Bristol for over 15 years and love that it’s been the birthplace of so many innovative things, from Fry’s chocolate bars to Concorde and so much more. The opportunity to join an innovative a firm that helps save people money on their energy bills in a way that’s smarter, fairer and more transparent - That was a no brainier to me.

What are you most proud of since joining the team at Flipper?

Most people talk about how much we’ve saved our members or the biggest saving each week, but for me it’s the service the Flipper team deliver. We are rated as Excellent on Trustpilot and a lot of our new members join us through word of mouth. To be part of a business that people are happy to recommend to their friends and family – including my own parents and in-laws - is something that’s really great to be a part of.

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