September 17, 2020

What is auto switching? Auto Energy Switching is here to stay.

Automatic energy switching allows you to sign up once and never worry about overpaying for energy again. Auto switching means the whole switch process is managed automatically and continuous monthly checks are done to make sure you're on the very best deal. Each time you can save another £50 the switch will go ahead.

Meet Flipper - The inventors of auto switching - The UK's first automatic energy switching Service.

You may have seen us on TV, on BBC Business Live or in the Sunday Times talking about switching your energy supplier with auto switching websites or apps like Flipper. Managing your energy has changed for the better with auto-switching - which can be described as the next iteration of price comparison switching. Flipper was the first automatic energy switching service. We guarantee to save you time and money on your gas and electricity bills before your membership starts. We're different to comparison sites and other 'free' services who choose to be paid in commission from the suppliers. We work in a more transparent way by charging our members an annual fee instead which allows us to remain independent and as we don't take commission from any suppliers like other services claiming to be 'free' it means we are able to work with more suppliers to ensure we find you the very best deal we can on the market. Giving you your precious time back and peace of mind that you’re never overpaying for your energy again.

Autoswitching service Flipper appears on BBC news. Pioneers in energy auto-switching sector
Flipper's MD Mark, on BBC Business Live.


So why switch when you can Flip?

Auto switching is different to traditional comparison sites in that we don’t present you with lists of quotes to understand and compare — we do that bit for you to find the best available deal available on the market. We then automatically switch you to that deal. We only exclude a small handful of suppliers where the service is not good enough (eg. if we wouldn't switch our own family and friends to them.) Our very own advanced Flipper algorithms (Joules) then continues to look throughout the year for even better deals. It factors in any exit fees, and if there is a further saving to be had it will automatically flip you again and again. We don’t switch, we flip. With a few details and meter readings you could be on your way to a hassle free, money saving energy management service.

Flipper review - Praise, appreciation, best deals and support.
What our customers have to say about Flipper.


Why should I use an energy auto-switching service?

With over 60 energy suppliers in the UK it’s a hard task to find the best deal and to make sure you’re staying on the best deal. We did a study with 88 people and 96% of them couldn’t find the cheapest deal on a price comparison website.

We communicate directly with your old and new suppliers and manage your ‘flip’ from start to finish, so you won’t have to lift a finger or wait on the phone for ages to speak to the supplier. No paperwork, no hassle.

Auto switching is a pretty new and disruptive trend in the energy industry and we believe it’s here to stay - our members continue to give us great reviews, 85% of the them renew year after year, and we’ve seen around 40% of our new members join from word of mouth.


Is auto switching free?

Some sites will claim to have a 'free' auto-switching service, but that's not the transparent and true automatic energy switching service that Flipper invented. To be 'free' these services need to have a commission agreement with any of the suppliers willing to work with them. It's not clear how this commission affects the deals they show, but it does limit who they can work with and also how often you can switch with them. Flipper chooses to make money through our membership fee only with no contractual obligations with any suppliers. This means we can be truly impartial. This allows us to work with any supplier and switch you whenever we find you a better deal - so you'll never miss out on a better deal. For example, if you switch to a new supplier and 3 months down the line they choose to up their pricing - We'll do our monthly check and if a better deal is to be had we'll flip you again - all painless and automatically of course.

Joining Flipper is essentially free until we find your first deal of over £50; This way we guarantee you won't be charged anything until we find you a saving. Your annual membership fee of £30 will always be less than the amount of your first saving - so you could say it cancels itself out. Our customers have saved an average of £385 per year using the Flipper service. So why not benefit from monthly checks and true peace of mind and join the auto switching trend and start saving now.

Read our whitepaper guide on Automatic Energy Switching.

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