September 17, 2020

Time to turn on the heating? 5 simple tips to stay warm and save money this winter.


Keeping the peace, saving money or delaying the inevitable – You can define it any way you like, but trying to hold off for as long as possible before switching the heating on for the winter is almost a national sport in the UK. So if you want to save energy, money AND win bragging rights at the pub this season, then we’ve got you sorted.

1. Layer Up.

wear layers

Your Mum has probably been telling you for years, but have you listened? No? Well we’re here to tell you again. This season it is all about the layers! Don a cardigan, slip into a sweatshirt or my personal fancy favourite, grab a dressing gown and your personal temperature will be warm and snuggly in no time. There is no need to heat the whole room to keep you warm when you can look hot and feel cosy just by adding a piece of clothing.

You can also apply the layer rule to your house. Now I’m not saying you can get a leopard print onesie the size of a 1930’s semi, (although that would give you some curb appeal!) but there are a few other tricks to keep that warmth in.

2. Shut it!

keep curtains closed

Close your curtains. I know you might like to get a full view of the happenings in your street -it’s often more exciting than Corrie - but closing the curtains can go a long way to stopping the heat from escaping. Plus this way you can get still get a good look while staying warm and concealing your identity!

Other ways you can layer up your home is by adding a rug to any uncarpeted areas or – if you’re feeling crazy why not wear some slippers and it will be like the whole place has fluffy new carpet!

3. Put a sock in it!

make your own draft excluder

There are often better options for stopping a draught than stuffing a stock in the crack but if that’s all you have then go for it! Other options are using a proper rubber seal around your windows to ensure that those autumnal winds don’t make their way into your sitting room. You can buy draught excluders or make your own (Google how) to pop in front of doors where a permanent sheep isn’t an option.

4. Cook up a storm.

cooking and baking to keep warm

If you haven’t been inspired to get baking by this seasons Bake Off you still have a couple of weeks to go. Baking and cooking heats up your kitchen and you will hopefully have a delicious treat at the end of it. It’s the ultimate in multitasking.

While it’s all in the oven, you could also have a lovely brew!  Just another way to warm the cockles of your heart.

5. Join Flipper.

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