September 17, 2020

The 10 Cheapest Gas and Electric Suppliers In The UK

A list of the cheapest energy suppliers is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We check the market every month for you to find the cheapest gas and electric suppliers in the UK. Doing this yourself through comparison sites is hard work and due to the volatility of energy prices the list changes regularly. The “smaller” suppliers are generally able to offer cheaper tariffs due to smaller overhead costs than their more established counterparts. With around 70 active and equally licensed and regulated energy suppliers in the UK, we thought we’d help out by compiling a recent list of the 10 cheapest gas suppliers in the UK in no particular order:

1. Utility Point

Utility Point's are a relatively new supplier starting in early 2017. They aim to 'save their customers money and reward their loyalty as well as their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.'

2. Avro Energy

Avro has been engaging with consumers since the end of 2015. They say they are able to provide lower priced energy by being as efficient as possible, keeping overheads to a minimum and keeping their marketing costs down.

3. Angelic Energy

They want to offer gas and electricity as cheaply as possible with easy to understand, no jargon and no hidden charges. Angelic Energy are a not-for –profit energy provider offering low cost energy to the London area.

4. Flow Energy

Flow Energy is a gas and electricity supplier which describes themselves as “a very different kind of energy company”, offering “low prices on home energy, some of the world’s most advanced heating systems and a growing range of intelligent products for the connected home.” They’re the only Which? Recommended Provider for energy in 2016, which is encouraging considering the negative reputation typically associated with energy supplier customer services.

5. So Energy

So Energy is a dual fuel supplier whose principles are “simplicity, honesty and great value”. They adopt a  “Low Price Policy” and guarantee that their one, fixed rate tariff “will always be one of the best deals available”.

6. People's Energy

Another new supplier - People’s Energy was founded by David Pike and Karin Sode who promise to give 75 per cent of profits back to its customers. They started through a crowdfunding campaign, got their Ofgem licence and started supplying. They aim to get to over 1 million customers in the UK.

7. Symbio Energy

A relatively new supplier who only supplier electric at this point, but have been seen to offer some good rates. They are an "Integrated Generator & Supplier of Renewable Energy" whom providing service with fair pricing, cleaner energy, simple information and sustainable technology. Our algorithms will be keeping any eye on this new supplier for our members.

8. Better Energy

Better Energy is based in Nottingham and supplies gas to domestic and business customers across the UK. They “aim to offer the lowest gas prices available” and to make all aspects of their service “simple and transparent.”

9. Affect Energy

Relatively new to the market and based on the South Coast near Brighton, Affect Energy supplies gas and electricity to homes in the UK, claiming they “can make energy better for you: simple, painless and great value for money.”

10. Bristol Energy

Bristol energy is a new, smaller energy supplier servicing domestic and business customers across Bristol, the South West and nationwide. They “offer fair and transparent tariffs”, “reinvest in local communities” and “support and invest in local renewables.”

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This year we continue to see millions of consumers switching either gas or electricity supplier. The highest amount we've seen in almost a decade. Over a third of these switches are switching away from the 'Big 6' larger suppliers to rival and mid tier energy providers. A good portion of these customers were switching for the first time. Ofgem reported that 60% of customers reported that they had either never switched before or only once in the past.

This list changes regularly and we don't take commission from any gas or electricity suppliers like comparison websites, so we have a totally impartial overview of the market, and the rates and deals we switch customers to change frequently. That's why Auto Energy Switching is the only solution to stay on top of this and never worry about overpaying for your energy again.

With 60+ suppliers, 700+ tariffs and over 50 price rises last year with even more on the horizon, the only way you can be sure that you’re always on the best energy deal without having to check yourself every month - would be to use an the auto switching service like Flipper for your energy. Try it and never overpay again.

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