September 17, 2020

How To Save Money Fast - Money Saving Tips You Need To Know by Kerry Whelpdale

YouTube and Vlogging star, Kerry Whelpdale, featured Flipper as one of her ways to save money fast. There are some other great tips in her video such as present and card draws, meal vouchers, no spend challenge days, and more!

Kerry goes through how easy it is to sign up to Flipper - The UK's First Automatic Energy Switching Service.

Kerry saved a whopping amount is potentially spending this on Prosseco and Westlife albums.. each to their own :)

Our average member savings are £385 - so in as much time as it takes to boil a kettle you could be saving a great amount to put towards your next holiday, Christmas or anything you like.

Join the future of energy switching and never worry about overpaying for energy again.

Start Flipping.

Start Flipping

Join Flipper and never overpay for energy again. We guarantee to save you money or you won't pay a penny.

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