September 17, 2020

Flipper's Jack Pitt speaks to The Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday got in touch to talk about Flipper.

Jack Pitt, our Customer Service Manager, spoke to the editor Laura Shannon of the This is Money, Bills column and this is what he had to say:

Why do Flipper charge a £30 membership fee when other suppliers are free?

This is because we don’t take the commission from suppliers like price comparison websites or our competitors, so we are truly able to switch to any supplier on the market. We are focused on the interest and savings for our customers and only our customers, rather than the working for the suppliers.

You mention commission? How much commission do you get?

We don't take a single penny from any of the suppliers. We are member funded only. A recent survey showed that 85% of customers don’t know how price comparison websites make their money. PCW's will present what you think would be the best deal, when in fact we have seen them as low as the 22nd best deal across the whole of market! Suppliers will pay as much as £80 for each customer they receive from comparison websites, so it's in their interest to show these deals rather than the best available.

Can you flip to any supplier, including ones that don’t pay commission?

We can switch to the whole of the market, as long as they are compatible with us. Since Ofgem have removed their whole of market requirement, price comparison websites do not have to display any other deals other than the ones they take commission from. To even remotely get the best deal from a PCW, you need to visit between 3-5 of them and then do that year upon year. Think of the time that it would take you, when instead you could be signing up to Flipper and letting us do it all for you.

Do you filter out companies you believe are failing on customer service?

We regularly review supplier performance from both our own and our customer's experiences. We assess them against our own SLA's when looking at their performance, such as their customer contact response time, delays in final bills, refunds or switches and if we receive regular complaints about them. This is actually a customer preference we are looking at bringing in shortly along with green energy and type of tariff, e.g. variable or fixed.

What makes you different from competitor auto-switching services?

We have the very best review ratings of all the auto-switching services, with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot, where customers can really see the reviews our customers have left us.

We will get you the best deal available for you and we use accurate data to get you there, using your usage from your most recent bill.

We check the market regularly to always ensure you are on the best deal and not just at the end of your tariff. Finally, as we don't take a penny from any of the suppliers, we work for our members and only our members.

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