January 19, 2021

How to Get Cheaper Energy – Not just for a few months, but for years to come.

The number one reason for switching to a new energy deal is to save money. Research by Ofgem shows that 84% of people who switch do it to cut their bills – compared just to 9% who are looking for better customer service.

Many people still use a Price Comparison Website (PCW) to find a better deal – despite the fact this can be hard work: you have to enter all your details from your bill into the form on the website, then search through a long list of tariffs, decide which one to pick and then sort the switch yourself.

And while switching yourself to a new deal through a PCW can save you money initially, what happens when that new deal comes to an end? Or, what happens if energy prices start to change a few months after you switch? How do you ensure you remain on a better deal in the long term?

That’s where energy auto-switching comes in. Rather than doing all the hard work yourself, an auto-switcher will find and switch you to a better energy deal, then keep checking the market to keep you on a low-price tariff – it’s no wonder that more and more households are now using one.

Flipper is the original auto-switching service, launching back in 2016, and now has tens of thousands of customers. They check the market for every customer, every month and lets them know (by email) if they are still on the right energy deal or if it is time to switch again – which Flipper manages for them.

Flipper does all the work to keep you on a great deal, month after month, year after year, meaning you don’t just pay less for your energy for a few months, but really maximise your long-term savings.

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Switching once saves you money in the short term but doesn’t mean you’ll be on a good deal forever.

There are several reasons for this:

-  The rates on your new deal could increase.

If you move to a variable rate tariff the supplier can change the price you pay for each unit of energy you use at anytime. Which means if wholesale energy costs start to increase, so will your bill.

Your new deal will end at some point.

Moving to a fixed rate tariff ‘locks’ the price you pay for each unit of energy - but only for the duration of the deal, which is usually 12 months. When your fixed deal ends the supplier will move you onto their ‘default’ tariff, which will be a much more expensive rate.

 - Energy prices could fall.

While a fixed rate tariff protects you from price rises, it won’t become cheaper if energy costs are falling. A typical energy user who signed up to a 12-month fixed deal in autumn 2019 ended up paying £100+ more than they should have as the cost of energy fell so much over the next 6 months!

The cost of the cheapest energy deal available changes nearly every month!


So, even if you have switched yourself to a better deal at some point in the past, it doesn’t mean your tariff is still competitive.

As a general rule, if you haven’t switched in the last year you are almost certainly paying more than you should be for your gas and electricity – and there are far too many people in this position.

Research by Ofgem shows nearly half (45%) of UK households say they have switched their energy supplier, but the last time most of these changed to a new deal was more than 12 months ago, with only 2 out of 5 switchers having changed their deal during the past year.

Which means all those households that moved to a fixed rate offer back in 2019 (or earlier) have now been rolled over onto their suppliers’ standard variable (or ‘default’) tariff and are back to paying far too much for their energy.


Most 'switchers' are no longer on a low priced tariff

So how do I stay on a good energy deal year after year?

The only way to make sure you stay on a cheap deal over time is to switch repeatedly, which means doing it every year – or better still whenever you can make a saving.

But doing this yourself manually can be a lot of work and no one wants to spend their Sunday evenings checking energy prices!

That’s why we created Flipper. Flipper is an energy auto-switching service. We check the energy market for you, every month, to see if there is a better deal available. If you are still on the right deal we send you an email to let you know, but if you can save more than £50/year by switching to a new tariff, we’ll confirm the details and then manage the switch for you.

Flipper members have the peace of mind that they are always on a low-price deal without having to lift a finger and they love our service – we are rated ‘Excellent on Trustpilot from over 3,700 reviews.

Flipper members love the service - and the savings

So, if you haven’t switched recently or are tired of constantly checking if you are still on the cheapest tariff, why not sign up to Flipper? Let us do the work to ensure you stay on a better deal, year after year.

Maximise your long term energy savings by taking 5 minutes to sign up to Flipper.co.uk today.

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