September 17, 2020

Green Energy is now Cheap Energy

More and more people are looking to be on a Green energy tariff and the great news is you no longer have to choose between green energy and cheap energy. There are over 40 Green tariffs available and the cheapest of these are some of the best value deals available.

Flipper members can choose to only be switched between 100% Green deals by selecting this option when they sign up:

If you’re still unsure about exactly what green energy is or how the cost compares, we’ve put together the following FAQs:

Is there much Green Energy Available?

Yes! Over the past 10 years the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources has increased 5-fold and earlier this year the UK went 2 whole months (April 10th– June 10th) without generating any electricity by burning coal. That last time that happened was 230 years ago in 1790!

Coal burned for Power Generation in Britain 05/04/20 – 11/06/20. Drax Electric Insights

What is ‘Green’ Energy?

Green Energy is power generated by renewable, natural energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and tidal (wave) power. These sources produce much less CO2 than using fossil fuels, such as coal and oil to generate energy, so have much less impact on the environment.


What’s the difference between Green energy and Renewable energy?

Nothing! Green Energy is energy that has been generated by a renewable source like solar or wind.


Is Nuclear power ‘Green'? 

No. Nuclear power is generated using uranium which is not renewable and so is not considered ‘green’ energy. Tariffs advertised as ‘Green’ do not have nuclear power in their fuel mix.


Does ‘Green’ mean 100% Green?

Unfortunately, not necessarily. There are tariffs available where only some of power comes from Green sources. We don’t think this is right, so Flipper don’t include these for customers who have selected the ‘Green Only’ preference.


Does being on a Green Tariff mean my energy will come from a Renewable Source?

Again, not necessarily. To offer a 100% Green energy tariff, the supplier must either:


i)              Supply the grid with at least as much renewable electricity as their customers consume, or

ii)             Purchase REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) certificates for at least as much renewable electricity as their customers consume


This guarantees an amount of Green electricity equivalent to your usage is produced, but the energy supplied to your home may not be from a renewable source.


What about Green Gas?

Currently only a very small amount of Green Gas is produced in the UK. So suppliers only have to provide electricity from a renewable source for a tariff to be deemed ‘Green’


‍How much more does Green energy cost?

Looking at the best deals available*, the best value green tariff would cost an average household just £1 per month more than the overall best deal available – and is £330 per year cheaper than the cost of a standard tariff from a ‘Big 6’ supplier:


                                        Per Year                 Per Month


Best Tariff:                        £845                    £70

Best Green Tariff:            £855                    £71

Standard Tariff:                £1,186                   £99


(*Data for a Duel Fuel household in a Bristol Postcode with typical usage, ie: 12,000 kWH of Gas and 3,100 kWh of Electricity per annum, as of 23/06/20)

So, select ‘Only Green Tariffs’ when you sign up and you can be sure that Flipper will find and keep you on the best value deal using 100% green electricity.

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