September 17, 2020

Flipper is the first energy switching service to use Google Home & Google Assistant

Why UK energy consumers don’t switch tariffs

According to the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, almost half of the UK’s energy consumers are missing out on savings of around £200/year because they’ve never switched their energy. With such significant savings to be made, why are so few of us switching?

“The problem is that energy switching is boring and complicated,” explains Flipper CTO. “Reading bills, comparing tariffs, dealing with suppliers... most of us don’t have the time nor patience to do these things, let alone the know-how to do them properly. And remember that you’re not done after one switch — you need to check the market and potentially switch yourself at least a couple of times a year if you want to make sure you’re never being overcharged.”

That’s why Flipper was created, an energy switching service that “flips” customers to their best energy deals throughout the year and takes care of the entire process for them. 

How Flipper uses Google Home to make energy switching a doddle

“Flipper’s goal is to make energy switching hassle-free, and while we’ve been successful in achieving this, technology like Google Home allows us to go even further,” Flipper CTO continues. 

Flipper’s CTO is known for his passion for technological innovation and was the main driver behind the company’s decision to incorporate Google Home into their service. “When Google Home launched in the UK, I immediately got our devs together to discuss how we could use this tech to make switching even easier for energy consumers. For now, you can use it to instantly find out how much you can save on your energy bills just by answering a few simple questions.” 

This is only the beginning, “We’re working towards fully integrating Google Home into our service with the aim of making energy switching so simple that all households across the UK can do it.”

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