September 17, 2020

Flipper on BBC Business Live - Mark Gutteridge

Flipper joined the BBC's Sally Bundock and Maryam Moshiri on BBC Business Live news. Managing Director, Mark Gutteridge talks about Flipper and how it helps out those looking at their finances - particularly those wanting to save on their energy bill. So far only 5m customers have switched their energy this year.

With over 27m homes in the UK there's still 61% of UK households that haven't ever switched their energy. (Ofgem stats). Take look at how Flipper's auto-switching service can save you the hassle, your time and of course money on your energy bills.

❝ As we are funded by our members we don't take any commission from our suppliers which allows us to switch you to any deal at any time and continue to check the market every month to see if a better deal comes along or if something else happens we'll switch you again. ❞ (Mark Gutteridge - Flipper)

❝ So for £30 you're saving money, time and getting peace of mind. We switch our members up to 4 times a year, but on average we are seeing that this is around 9 months - so more than once every year. For those who think it's a hassle or confusing our service helps those engage with the market where they wouldn't have before. ❞

Follow this link to watch the video on BBC iPlayer and skip to 17:14 to see the interview.

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