September 17, 2020

Energy complaints could be a thing of the past

The latest round of energy industry fines was doled out to Scottish Power this week to the tune of £18m. The supplier racked up over a million complaints in the 18 months up to December 2015. What if customers had an easy, reliable way to leave a supplier that they were having a bad experience with, rather than escalate their complaint to Ofgem?

Given the option, in the majority of cases, simply moving to another supplier solves the customer's problem. What stops people from simply voting with their feet is that most still view switching as too much of a hassle. If you look at Ofgem data, over 50% of Scottish Power complaints in the period were due to confusion over the layout and readability of bills. A further 30+% of complaints were due to poor customer service.

A high majority of these complaints in any ordinary industry would simply result in the customer moving to a new provider. Unfortunately, the majority of consumers don't do this because of how daunting the process can be.

Flipper finally makes leaving a supplier that you've had a bad experience with as easy as changing the channel when you don't like what's on TV. If you're a Flipper member and you have a problem with your supplier (because they took too long to answer the phone, for example), all you need to do is drop us an email, letting us know you’re not happy. You don't need to complain anymore. We immediately get to work to find you your best new deal and manage your switch.

A large number of the problems energy customers face stem from not understanding their energy bills, so  we’re turning bills from any supplier you’re with into delightfully designed, simple statements that are easier to read and comprehend. We also add complaints about suppliers to a database which we’re using to empower our members in their relationships with suppliers even more.

Complaining shouldn't be necessary and as our customer base grows, we aim to have a direct influence on bringing down the incredible level of complaints and fines that we’ve seen within the energy industry in recent months.

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