March 1, 2019

Did the Dragons get the best deal on their energy?

Did the BBC's Dragons get the best deal on their energy with L.A.M.B?

Sadly for them we don't think so..

We had already been around for a year before LAMB (Look After My Bills) went to see the Dragons and we truly think we're a better alternative to Look After My Bills and other energy switching or comparison sites. Take a look at our comparison chart below to see how L.A.M.B stacks up against the original Energy Management and Auto-switching service - Flipper. 

We charge members a small fee of £30 per year - as our average saving is £132 more than LAMB, you could be more than £100 better off using us! (ie: Saving £132 more, less the £30 membership fee paid = £107 more saved!)

We don’t take commissions from any supplier.

Our average saving is larger because as we don’t take commissions from any supplier, we can switch our members to suppliers LAMB don’t offer. This allows us to flip to the widest range of energy suppliers and makes us truly independent.

Not taking commission gives us the opportunity to flip to a lot of the smaller suppliers out there, including those that do not appear on any of the big price comparison sites. We know some people are cautious of going with a smaller supplier they haven’t heard of but to secure a supplier licence from Ofgem they all have to adhere to the same rules and regulations as the bigger ones.

96.59% of people won’t find their cheapest energy deal using price comparison sites.

We put 88 people to the test to see if they could find the best deal on 5 leading price comparison sites (all these sites are on a commission model).,,, and* Out of 88 people, only 3 managed to find the cheapest deal. So yes these sites will save you money, but wouldn't you like the peace of mind that you're on the best deal?

We check the energy market every month.

LAMB only checks when your deal is about to end – we can flip our members as soon as a better deal becomes available. We keep our members up to date every month to let them know if we've found them a better deal.

First class customer service.

We have a great Trustpilot score of 8.9 with almost 2000 reviews.  Customers can sign up to us quickly online, we also have a brilliant customer service team who can guide people through this process as well as answering any flipping queries there may be.

We aim to answer phone calls immediately – and don’t have one of those annoying ‘For such and such press 1’ systems. The number is 0345 528 0000 and our e-mail address is

We continue to help more people save money with peace of mind as we go from strength to strength.

So Dragons, call us if you want any advice from the original and best.

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