September 17, 2020

Big Energy Saving Week

It’s the Big Energy Saving Week 2019 - Starting on 21st January ending on Sunday 27th. Check out the Flipper guide on how to check, switch and save on your energy bills. Big Energy Saving Week is a national campaign introduced by the good guys at Citizens Advice to help raise awareness on the significant savings to be had on your Gas and Electric bills in the UK.

Energy saving tips to help reduce those bills:

Advice on how to switch suppliers:

Have a read of our Guide on Big Energy Saving Week 2019 on how to save on your energy bills. Details of what's covered in the PDF guide:

Section 1: Check how much you’re spending on energy

  • Wise up on your energy bill
  • The energy price cap

Section 2: Switch energy supplier and cut costs

  • What is automatic energy switching?
  • Comparison websites vs automatic energy switching sites
  • How Flipper works

Section 3: Save hundreds by using less energy

  • Beware smart meters - not as energy saving as you might think
  • Energy saving tips (cheap vs expensive)
  • Ask your supplier for help

You can also get involved by tweeting your energy saving tips using the campaign hashtag: #BESW2019

Take a look and see how much Flipper could save you on your energy bills.

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