September 17, 2020

Are you overpaying for your energy bills? New research has found that 14 million of us are.

At Flipper, our simple mission is to ensure the Great British public never overpay for energy again. The truth is that the energy market is broken, so much so that no government or regulator has been able to fix the problems over the last 10 years despite repeated attempts to do so. The constant news about Big 6 energy price hikes and illusive government price caps makes our blood boil! So, we’ve been beavering away finding out about what you - the Great British public’s - relationship is like with energy to see where we can help, and we’ve revealed some startling truths.

Our research, which includes sampling over 2,000 British households, has found that around 14 million families in Great Britain not only do not understand their energy payments, but are overpaying by an average of £300 a year.  That’s six months’ posh gym membership, overpaid into the pockets of your energy supplier! It also turns out that half of Brits (50%) do not understand their energy bill and over a quarter (26%) do not even know how much they pay per month.

Despite the Government’s plans to introduce an energy price cap at the end of 2018, two thirds (66%) of British adults do not fully understand the proposals. Furthermore, 72% of you don’t understand how an energy price cap will affect your bills.

With family budgets under pressure, we believe that you need help now. This is why we’re focused on helping get you the best energy deal. 

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