1. We'll set up your new services, timed so that you don't start paying for them until we've already lowered your monthly energy cost for you.
  2. We ask for your payment info so we can make sure your subscriptions are getting paid 100% using your savings—setting up the subscriptions and processing the payments for you, to ensure your original monthly energy cost is never exceeded.
  3. Once we deliver, we'll ask that you kindly allow Flipper bill you up to £3 a month out of any additional savings left over, as a thank you for helping out and continuing to make sure you're getting these great services without paying extra!

Your personal energy expert

Meet Jenny, your very own energy expert. She will find and switch you to the cheapest energy deal on the market, managing the whole process for you.

She guarantees to save you 168 or your money back! It's a win-win and completely risk-free, so give Flipper a try today!