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Why people love Flipper

"Absolutely brilliant! Super easy to use and we’re saving £300 per year- amazing! What’s not to love?"

"I saved £480 in the first year! I could hardly believe it but I did! And now, Flipper has just saved me another £50. AND they do all the work!"

"Flipper, will not only identify the best deals for its customers but switch suppliers on their behalf."

"Unlike comparison websites, Flipper does not receive a penny from suppliers, so there is no incentive to promote or exclude any deals."

"Apart from that enormous saving I love the ease with which I was able to sign up to Flipper and the fact I don't have to do anything else."

"Super-pleased with @flippercomm I thought I was on the best energy deal but they've found me one saving ~£180/year."

Why Flipper?

Flipper is different. We are not a price comparison website as we do all the work for you. You will only pay our membership fee if we can guarantee you a saving.

All this for only £2.08/month*

No upfront fees — pay when you save.


Most Advanced
Savings Algorithm

Better Deals Than Price Comparison Websites

No Paperwork,
No Hassle

Continuous Savings
All Year Round

Customer Service

How it works

We find your best deal

based on your usage and preferences

We flip you to it

taking care of all paperwork

We check for new deals

every month to keep you saving

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Join tens of thousands households 
across the UK, that have saved a total of


The best deals from approved suppliers

Flipper only supports suppliers that satisfy our 6 supplier requirements.

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