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May 4, 2017

Energy Market Update — May 2017

5 minute digest


Find out why energy prices have continued to rise for the sixth month running, enjoy the most popular energy news articles doing the rounds, and discover how Flipper plans to use Google Home to make switching even easier for you.

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Market watch

Energy prices have increased

6 months

in a row

What’s behind this continual price rise?

1. Wholesale energy prices

The wholesale energy price is what energy suppliers pay for the gas and electricity they supply you with. It's set by the traded market, changes daily according to supply and demand, and crucially makes up around 50% of your bill. 

Wholesale energy costs have significantly increased, and are the main driver behind retail prices — which are the prices you pay your supplier for your energy.

2. Government programmes that support green energy

An increase in the charges to suppliers associated with government programmes — particularly those supporting renewable and low-carbon electricity generation — has also contributed to this continuous price rise. Their influence on retail prices is smaller than wholesale prices, but is significant nonetheless. 

While these charges put upward pressure on retail prices, they will also decrease our dependency on coal and gas in the future — good for the environment, and also good for your pocket.

3. Future supplier costs

Even with continually rising energy prices, it’s not all doom and gloom for Flipper customers — we’re here to navigate the energy market for you, so you have peace of mind knowing you’re always on your best available deals without doing any of the hard graft.

In the press

Enjoy the most interesting energy articles

Ofgem proposes new protection for consumers from back-billing

Suppliers will not be allowed to back-bill customers for energy used more than 12 months ago under new proposals from Ofgem.
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UK unprepared for surge in electric car use, thinktank warns

Green Alliance says simultaneous charging could potentially damage electronic equipment unless action is taken by 2020.
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British power generation achieves first ever coal-free day

National Grid hails milestone as other sources like gas, nuclear, wind and solar allow UK to keep lights on with all coal-fired power plants offline.
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Clean energy’s dirty secret

Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems. But that’s no reason for governments to stop supporting them.
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Flipper focus

The first energy switching service to use Google Home

Flipper’s goal is to make energy switching hassle-free, and while we’ve been successful in achieving this, technology like Google Home allows us to go even further.

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