Energy switching made simple.
We do the work, you enjoy the savings.

Myles and his family signed up to Flipper last year. He has already saved £464 on hios fgas and electricity bill and been uatomlatically switched toi aa better energy deal twice.

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Never Overpay For Energy Again

Put energy bills out of your mind once & for all. Flipper will keep you on a cheap energy deal forever.

The average saving is £385/year and it’s free to sign up, you only pay our membership fee when you start saving.
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Why people love Flipper

Why use Flipper to switch your gas and electricity?

We are the UK's original energy auto-switching service.

We do all the work needed to search and switch to a better deal*. You just sign up once, then sit back and watch the savings rolls in!

We can switch you to deals other sites can't.

We only switch you to deals you are happy with. You set your own preferences and if you don't like a deal we find, let us know and we won't switch you.

We constantly monitor supplier performance and won't switch you to anyone with poor customer service.

It's completely free until you are switched for the first time and start saving and you only pay £30 per year, however much you save.

All this for only £30/year
and you don't pay anything until your first flip.

*We’ll only flip you if we find a deal that saves you at least £50/year vs your current tariff.

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Guaranteed Value.
It's Free until you start saving

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Maximised Savings.
We flip you to deals other can't

Better deals on energy tariffs than comparison sites Icon Flipper

No Hassle.
We do the work, you save.

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Peace of Mind.
We keep you updated

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You're in Control.
You set your switch preferences

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Great Customer Service.
We're here when you need us

How Flipping Works

Flipper Searches for the best deals for you icon

We find you a
better deal

based on your actual energy usage
and your preferences (supplier/tariff type)

Flipper Automatically Switches customers icon

We flip you to it, automatically

we do the all the hard work for you,
you sit back and enjoy the savings

Flipper Monthly Update on Market Rates icon

We keep checking
for new deals

we check the market for you every month
and flip you whenever we find a better deal

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Join the tens of thousands households across the UK,
that have automatically saved a total of


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Join Flipper and never worry about overpaying for energy again. We guarantee to save you time and money.

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