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Green Energy is Cheap Energy

Flipper compare all the Green tariffs^ in the market and keep you on the best value deal.

We are an auto-switcher who 'flip' you to a better energy deal whenever we find one. You can choose to only be 'flipped' between Green energy deals when you sign up.
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Key Points on Green Energy

Green energy comes from renewable sources
Green energy is generated by wind, solar, hydro or wave power. It’s better for the environment as it produces much less CO2 than using fossil fuels like coal and oil.
There's plenty of Green energy available‍
The amount of Green electricity generated in the UK has increased 5-fold since 2010 and now accounts for >40% of the overall generated.
With Flipper, Green means it's 100% Green
There are ‘green’ tariffs available where only some of the power is from Green sources. We don’t think this is right and only include tariffs that are 100% green.^
Green tariffs are some of the cheapest available
The best green deals cost an average household just £1/month more than the cheapest non-green tariffs and are £330/yr cheaper than a standard tariff.*
^Currently only a very small amount of Green Gas is produced in the UK so suppliers only have to provide electricity from a renewable source for a tariff to be deemed ‘Green’.

*Data for a Duel Fuel household in a Bristol Postcode with typical annual usage, ie: 12,000 kWH of Gas and 3,100 kWh of Electricity, as of 23/06/20.

There are lots of green tariffs to choose from and some are amongst the cheapest deals available. Select ‘Only Green Tariffs’ when you sign up and you can be sure that Flipper will find and keep you on the best value deal using 100% green electricity.

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