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More and more people are switching to green energy tariffs and the great news is you no longer have to choose between green energy and cheap energy. There are over 40 green tariffs available and the cheapest of these are some of the best value deals available.

Flipper members can choose to only be switched between 100% green deals and, as a friend of GENeco, you'll get £10 Off your first year’s membership fee by using the code GEN10 when you sign up.

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Green Energy doesn't have to cost the earth

We’ve managed to secure a fantastic perk for GENeco’s friends and family that will save you money now. We’ve teamed up with our sister company Flipper, an energy auto-switching service who do all the hard work of finding and switching to a better energy deal for you. And they don't just switch you once, they keep checking the market every month to ensure you stay on a great deal throughout the year.

It’s completely FREE to sign up, with a small annual fee of £30 being charged when you are switched for the first time and begin saving. As a friend of GENeco you can get £10 off your first year’s membership fee by entering the code GEN10 when you sign up.

About GENeco

GENeco's activities form a complete closed loop and the zero waste-to-landfill facilities convert every by-product of food waste and wastewater treatment into a valuable resource. Through this GENeco is reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by over 30,000 tonnes per year and has initiated a movement to significantly improve urban air quality through the operation of biomethane-powered vehicles across the UK.

Doing the right thing environmentally and socially has been at the forefront to this. It’s this passion to do better that has driven us to where we are, creating a number of fantastic carbon reducing firsts along the way. We wouldn’t have achieved any of this without the fantastic support from those that work with us, so this offer of cheaper green energy is just a way of saying thank you.

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