GB Energy has folded

Don’t panic — your supply will not be cut off & you’re being switched to a new provider

You may have heard the news that, as of the 26th of November 2016, GB Energy Supply will no longer be trading, citing “swift and significant increases in energy prices” as the reason.

Don’t panic

You can use your gas and electricity as normal, and there is no risk of your energy supply being cut off. The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) has procedures in place to ensure that your energy supply is secure, and any outstanding credit balances you may have will be protected.

Ofgem are in the process of appointing a new energy provider to take over your supply “which will best protect the interests of GB Energy Supply customers”, however there is currently no indication as to when this switchover will take place. They advise that you take a meter reading today, and wait until your new supplier contacts you and tells you what to do about any credit balances you may have with GB Energy Supply.

Flipper has you covered

As a Flipper member, you have nothing to worry about — as soon as Ofgem announce who your new supplier is, we’ll check the market to see whether you’ve been switched to the best energy deal available, and if not, we’ll find and flip you to your best tariff, free of charge.

For now, just sit tight until Flipper, Ofgem, and your new supplier get in touch to explain what happens next.

If you’re not a Flipper member but are a GB Energy customer

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