Zoe Phethean

#FlipperSaveMe £1,061.25 on my energy bills

Zoe, from Bournemouth, joined Flipper in 2017. She had previously used comparison sites but found it complicated and wasn’t sure she always found the best deal. So, after she read about Flipper in a newspaper article, and checked out our online reviews, she decided to sign up.

As a working single mother with three teenage boys Zoe is always busy, so loves the fact Flipper saves her time and effort, as well as money. “Having Flipper search and switch for me has been a godsend. They keep me updated by email so I always know when they have found a better deal and when I need to provide a meter readings, which I used to forget to do”.

She saved a whopping £540 off her annual bill when she first signed up and has been automatically switched to better deals 3 more times over the past 2 years. “The money I have saved using Flipper has meant I have been able to take my boys on some fantastic days out and giving them memories to treasure”.

“It’s so simple and straightforward. Having Flipper search and switch for me has been a godsend.”

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❝ Flipper is simple, secure and serves its customers' interests only. That's why I'm not only a Flipper customer, but a board member too. ❞

Stephen Smith, Director, Competition and Regulatory Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

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