Richard Lewis

Richard Saved £735.40 on his energy bills with Flipper.

Richard first heard about Flipper through his Daughters partner who said: ‘Why don't you join, It’s only £30 per year and they will save you more than that.” He thought why not. Richard has been with Flipper for 2 years now and has been flipped 3 times since he joined. His first Flip was found which saved him £367.50/year, The second flip saved him £71.01/year and then the third time he was flipped it saved him £296.89. That tallies up to an incredible total savings of £735.40 on Richard’s energy bills.

But it doesn’t just come down to the money with Richard. He has always been good at looking in to his energy costs and has switched energy suppliers on numerous occasions in the past, “particularly when the suppliers change their prices when you come to the end of the starter offer”. This is known as the standard variable tariff that customers are switched to after their first year with that supplier. These tariffs can sometimes end up being way higher than the tariffs available on the market, but not every customer bothers to search around for a better deal. Richard went on to say that from his point of view “Flipper seemed to be a better way of doing things, because it means that somebody else can do the research and shopping around for better deals a lot better than what he could if he was doing it himself, and takes out the effort going through the whole switching process as well”.

The one thing Richard also said which made us laugh and we are all a little guilty of it at times was “For me, It’s because I’m too lazy”. Nothing wrong with that Richard, that's why we’re here. We asked Richard what he’s managed to do with his savings. Richard said he’s now retired and has most of the things he needs so he hasn’t bought any gadgets or treats as such, but says there's no doubt some of it was spent in their last holiday, meals out and theatre trips.

“I’ve certainly benefited through the savings and the effort that has been taken out by somebody else managing my bills for me. I’m really happy with how it works. It would have been difficult for me to have achieved these savings to the same level if I had done it myself."

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Stephen Smith, Director, Competition and Regulatory Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

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