Peter Hubbard

Peter Saved £1003,82 on his energy bills with Flipper.

Peter first heard about Flipper when he read an article featuring us in the Financial Times. When asked if he had used traditional price comparison sites in the past answered: “I have used a comparison sites before to switch once in the past, but never a switching site like yours. I have to say my previous experience with switching was so ghastly i vowed never to switch again. I somehow ended up paying more as I didn’t know what I was doing.

We asked if his experience with signing up to flipper was easier than before to which peter responded: “It’s awesome, it really is. I wouldn’t be on the phone and don't usually do these types of things (give companies reviews), but to be frank the whole process was A. so easy and B. I just have keep track of my meter readings and check my emails now and again, it's just so simple.”

After my previous experience there was always a little bit of doubt as to whether it would be better this time round, but after seeing the reviews of other people that had said it worked I decided to go for it.

“Most of our lives get more complicated and it’s just great to find something that’s so simple and works”

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❝ Flipper is simple, secure and serves its customers' interests only. That's why I'm not only a Flipper customer, but a board member too. ❞

Stephen Smith, Director, Competition and Regulatory Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

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