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Matt Bishop, a personal trainer from Warlingham in Surrey, lives in a flat with my fiancée and two children.

Matt started to become more conscious of his energy bills after receiving a letter from his energy supplier stating that his monthly direct debit needed to be increased. He said, "That sprung an alarm that I needed to kind of look into it a little bit further, and that’s when I became aware of Flipper."

With Flipper, Matt is estimated a saving of £349.99 per year and claims the switching process has been far easier than using a price comparison website.

"I had tried switching energy providers before. It was quite a lengthy process. We did actually do a switch a couple of years back and it took a long time for it all to go through and there was lots of information needed from both suppliers to make the deal happen. With Flipper, the experience was much easier than a price comparison website. Only a few details were needed at the beginning in order to evaluate our bills and see exactly how much we were using. From there, we got a bit of information back via email and on the Flipper dashboard to explain to us exactly where the money could be saved.  

The service from Flipper has been very efficient because the amount of contact needed has been very minimal, which has meant I can get on with my day, spend time with my kids and my family, and actually know the process is being dealt with.

My saving per annum with Flipper is estimated at £349.99 per year, so for my first deal, It’s incredibly positive. No doubt the extra money that I’m going to save through Flipper will be spent straight away by the kids. The Kids will probably make sure I spend that money on them." 

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