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Customer Spotlight: John Pankhurst


Flipper saved John Pankhurst a massive amount of money on his energy bills, but it’s what he did with his savings that’s truly unique.

Writer John Pankhurst from Nottingham was in a bit of a pickle: he was working on a book called ‘Cats’ Tales’, a compilation of poems which celebrate the work of the local Millwood Cat Rescue centre, and proceeds from copies sold would go to the centre to help keep it running. To maximise sales, John wanted to print ‘Cats’ Tales’ as a professional book, but this would cost an extra £1,000. That spend was difficult to justify, so he reluctantly accepted he couldn’t fulfil his ambitions.

While working with friend and editor Mike, John mentioned he was coming to the end of his energy deal. His energy bills “were going to increase by an astronomical amount”, but that wasn’t a problem for Mike. You see, Mike’s with Flipper, and like any good friend, he insisted John try them out too.

“I was coming to the end of my contract and my energy costs were going to increase by an astronomical amount.”

John Pankhurst

Sneak peek

Cats' Tales

The poems in this book celebrate the work of the small, privately run MILLWOOD CAT RESCUE situated in Edwalton, a few miles to the South of the City of Nottingham. 

The Rescue was founded by Ronnie McMillen in conjunction with her boarding cattery in 1994.

Since that date, Ronnie, with only voluntary help and money from fund raising activities, has been re-homing between 300 and 400 cats annually.

If you'd like a copy of “Cats’ Tales from Millwood”, which costs £9.50 including UK postage, email John at jclocksp@ntlworld.com and he'll send you a couple of poems to help you decide.

John’s a genius with words but admits he’s no good with computers. Add that to a lack of switching experience and comparison sites simply weren’t for him. But Flipper’s more than price comparison, so John signed up.

In just two flips we saved him a massive £660/year on his energy bills, and that settled it — John finally had the money to make ‘Cats’ Tales’ a professional book. Almost all of the 200 copies printed have sold and another 100 books have been ordered.

“Flipper obtained the most economical energy supply for me and were unfailingly there whenever I needed them.”

John Pankhurst

“Flipper obtained the most economical energy supply for me and were unfailingly there whenever I needed them,” John recalls. “The icing on the cake is that with the money I’ve saved, the professional book became a reality. It’s raised over £500 for the rescue centre and continues to be a source of income for them.”

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