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Flipping vs Switching

Thinking of switching energy suppliers? Why switch when you can flip? We flip you to the best energy deal. The only way to make sure you stay on the cheapest energy, forever.

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Average UK householder pays £37,331 too much for bills in their lifetime

Are you overpaying o your bills? Recent research and 'Futility Bill Calculator' from us at Flipper shows that the UK householders will pay an average of £37,331 too much for utilities and insurance in their lifetime. Have a look and see if you are overpaying and what you can do to rectify it?

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Smart Meters are going to cost bill payers £500m

The Telegraph announced that the smart meter roll out across the UK is going to add a massive £500m to energy bills. Ministers stated the total planned budget will be £11bn, which is £374 per household and that this will be paid for by consumers through higher energy bills. The National Audit Office (NAO) published that this cost is likely to go over by around £3b resulting in the average household paying up to around £100 for their smart meter. The NAO also estimated that smart meter owners will only save around £18 a year for the next decade (2030). To avoid fines from the government, suppliers are already struggling to install around 420k meters every month, and with a deadline to install another 40m by 2020 at a rate of 3 times faster of 1.3m a month it's hard to believe they'll get there and within budget. So overall not the best outcome for bill payers.

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The Faces behind the Flip - Meet Vikki

This month on Faces behind the Flip - Let us introduce you to Vikki, one of our expert Customer Service Advisors who helps make your experience with us Flippin’ Fantastic!

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Flipper's Jack Pitt speaks to The Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday got in touch to talk about Flipper. Jack our Customer Service Manager, spoke to Laura Shannon, editor for This is Money, Bills column and this is what he had to say.

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What the flip is automatic energy switching?

There's a new trend in the energy switching industry called Auto-switching and it's ruffling some feathers, but a few people are asking what it's all about. Automatic energy switching is the hassle-free way to switch energy supplier and save money on gas and electricity. Flipper, the UK's first automatic energy switching service goes through how it all began and where we are now.

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Time to turn on the heating? 5 simple tips to stay warm and save money this winter.

Keeping the peace, saving money or delaying the inevitable – You can define it any way you like, but trying to hold off for as long as possible before switching the heating on for the winter is almost a national sport in the UK. So if you want to save energy, money AND win bragging rights at the pub this season, then we’ve got you sorted.

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The Faces behind the Flip - Meet Jack

As it's National Customer Services Week, we’re introducing you to a few of our fantastic team members, starting with our great Customer Services Manager, Jack.

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Did the Dragons get the best deal on their energy?

Did the BBC's Dragons get the best deal on their energy with L.A.M.B? Sadly for them we don't think so.. Take a look at our comparison chart to see how L.A.M.B (Look After My Bills) stacks up against the original Energy Management and Auto-switching service - Flipper, And why we we think we're a better alternative to Look After My Bills and other energy switching or comparison sites.

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The Faces behind the Flip - Meet Becky

This month we are proud to introduce to you our wonderful Customer Services Advisor, Becky.

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The Faces behind the Flip - Meet James

This month we are proud to introduce to you our awesome Operational Specialist - James.

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How To Save Money Fast - Money Saving Tips You Need To Know by Kerry Whelpdale

YouTube and Vlogging star, Kerry Whelpdale, featured Flipper as one of her ways to save money fast. There are some other great tips in her video such as present and card draws, meal vouchers, no spend challenge days, and more!

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Interview with Mark, Flipper's New Managing Director

We welcomed our new Managing Director Mark Gutteridge, to the team. As with any new team member, we decided to spend a little bit of time getting to know Mark, so we asked him some very important questions.

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What is auto switching? Auto Energy Switching is here to stay.

Managing your energy has changed for the better with auto-switching - which can be described as the next iteration of price comparison switching Flipper is an auto-energy switching service that guarantees to save you time and money on your gas and electricity bills. Giving you your precious time back and peace of mind that you’re never overpaying for your energy again.

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Eon slip a stealth 4.8% price increase through - is there more to come?

Big Six energy supplier Eon were busy prepping their second price rise in six months, announcing a 4.8% increase yesterday - meaning they have added (on average) £100 to customers’ bills since the beginning of the year.

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Energy-efficient Christmas lights equals cheaper energy bills

Deck the halls without breaking the bank this Christmas. Find out about cheaper ways to power Christmas lights in your home.

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More people in Britain understand French than their energy bills

Our new research shows that Brits are more likely to understand a foreign language than their energy bill. Find out why and how Flipper can reduce your bills.

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Are you overpaying for your energy bills? New research has found that 14 million of us are.

Our research, which includes sampling over 2,000 British households, has found that around 14 million families in Great Britain not only do not understand their energy payments, but are overpaying by an average of £300 a year.

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Six easy ways to save money at home this Christmas

Need to cut your household expenses ahead of the Christmas period? Check out Flipper’s top tips for DIY money-saving at home.

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Is the energy price cap bad for consumers? Flipper's response

Flipper responds to the government’s plans to introduce an energy price cap. Read our full response and find out why we’re opposed to the energy cap here.

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Price comparison sites: is it time for a better deal on energy?

The government's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has released a new report showing that consumers may not be getting the best value for money on their energy tariff when they visit price comparison websites to find a provider.

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Flipper is the first energy switching service to use Google Home & Google Assistant

Flipper’s goal is to make energy switching hassle-free, and while we’ve been successful in achieving this, technology like Google Home allows us to go even further.

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The 10 Cheapest Gas Suppliers In The UK

For the UK energy consumer, that’s what finding your cheapest gas tariff can feel like, due to the volatility of energy prices. To make things even more difficult, many “smaller” suppliers have entered what is an already crowded marketplace, able to offer cheaper tariffs due to smaller overhead costs than their more established counterparts.

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Bill payers face £240m penalty as energy suppliers fail to deliver faster switching

Customers who swapped energy supplier paid £240m over the odds for their gas and electricity this year because energy companies take so long to process switches. Despite Ofgem and suppliers committing to a maximum switching time of three days by the end of 2014 and next day switching by the end of 2018, the average time to change energy supplier is still 17 days, nearly five times the target, according to research from energy switching service Flipper.

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This winter, British switchers will lose out on a potential £91m (£25/household) due to slow switching by energy companies

Flipper, the energy personal assistant, has calculated that customers who swap energy supplier this winter will pay £91m (£25/ household) over the odds for their gas and electricity because energy companies take so long to process switches. Flipper is calling on energy suppliers to refund customers who are currently losing out.

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Understanding the energy tariff rollover

The humble 'energy tariff rollover' is, despite lesser fame than its namesake, important to discuss because it causes a whole heap of confusion, and could be resulting in huge sums of money being lost via overly high bills. From our experience with customers, we can see in some cases it is needlessly putting people off changing their suppliers to a better deal by damaging trust.

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The Flipper Challenge and why the argument over energy price comparison sites is missing the point

The infographic shows the results of a short piece of customer research carried out by Flipper to look at how customers use energy comparison sites, how long it takes them and whether they are any good at it.

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5 useful apps that save you time & money

As Steve Jobs once said, “The most precious resource we all have is time”, so it’s important we use it wisely. Flipper is all about saving you time and money so you can focus on the things in life that actually matter, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 useful apps to help you do that.

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Why there’s a 96.59% chance you WON’T find the cheapest energy deal using price comparison sites.

The CMA says you’re probably not getting the best deal from your energy company, but the hassle of comparing and switching means you probably don’t bother, costing you on average £350 per year.

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Energy complaints could be a thing of the past

The latest round of energy industry fines was doled out to Scottish Power this week to the tune of £18m. The supplier racked up over a million complaints in the 18 months up to December 2015. What if customers had an easy, reliable way to leave a supplier that they were having a bad experience with, rather than escalate their complaint to Ofgem?

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Can better bills encourage more switching?

Nobody likes bills. According to new research from Uswitch, energy bills are particularly despised. Two years ago, Ofgem forced energy suppliers to include labels, simple language, and key information onto our energy bills. This was supposed to make the bills friendlier and easier to read, encouraging more of us to shop around.

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Our Response to the CMA: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ronald Reagan was the king of one liners. He once famously said the most terrifying nine words in the English language were: "I'm from the government and I am here to help". Reading the Competition and Markets Authority’s report yesterday on how to fix the energy market we can start to see why he felt this way.

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Sins of (c)ommission

Last week concerns emerged about the relationship between AgeUK and EOn when it was revealed that AgeUK had received substantial commission payments for switching customers energy supply to EOn. The press questioned whether the commission payments lead AgeUK to promote EOn deals even when they were more expensive than other offers.

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Because you're anything but average

The way energy is being sold is misleading. We’ve just gotten used to it. It’s strange that the issue hasn’t received more attention. Consumer energy has a strange quirk in how vendors talk about prices and savings. The effect is that households are regularly misquoted and end up in the wrong deal.

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The Price Comparison Paradox

Price comparison websites have sung and danced their way into our lives over the last 20 years. A close look at their business model gives interesting insights into the reasons why consumers and regulators are now starting to question them.

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Energy Market Update — September 2017

Find out what’s contributed to a rise in energy prices and enjoy the most popular energy news articles doing the rounds.

Let us know if you find your update interesting, and if so, feel free to share it.

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Energy Market Update — July 2017

Discover what’s contributed to stable energy prices after 6 consecutive months of increases, and enjoy the most popular energy news articles doing the rounds.

Let us know if you find your update interesting, and if so, feel free to share it.

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Energy Market Update — May 2017

Find out why energy prices have continued to rise for the sixth month running, enjoy the most popular energy news articles doing the rounds, and discover how Flipper plans to use Google Home to make switching even easier for you.

Let us know if you find your update interesting, and if so, feel free to share it.

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