Who is behind Flipper?

We are Flipper and we are here to help you.

Fair Prices, Fantastic Service.

We set up Flipper because we’re sick of paying more than we need to for energy – and we’re sure that you are too.

But when we tried to find a better deal, we noticed that comparison sites just provided us a complex (and inaccurate) list of tariffs to compare. We’d have to do all the hard work, and the middle-man would take a slice of commission.

We came up with a better way of saving money. We came up with Flipper.

Flipper takes your actual energy usage, finds the best available deal and switches to the cheapest provider. We automatically compare tariffs on a regular basis, ensuring that you’re always on the best possible deal.

And because we work for you instead of taking commission from suppliers, you can be certain that the best possible deal is the one that suits you, not us. We don’t sell your details and we don’t send you advertising messages.

All we do is save you money.

Flipper works for you – helping you to save hundreds of pounds per year, all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month.

Talal Fathallah

CEO & Co-founder

Talal is one of Flipper’s co-founders and a London-based entrepreneur with a history of successful businesses. Talal’s financial expertise has been indispensable as we made Flipper a reality.

Hilal Kanafani

COO & Co-founder

Hilal Kanafani has been a key part of a number of successful businesses throughout London. In 2015, he partnered with Talal Fathallah to found Flipper, using his background in IT and operations to start the company on a firm footing.

Dr. Nigel Evans


Nigel became Flipper’s Chairman on the company’s formation in 2015 and is an investor in the business. His extensive experience in the energy sector includes two years in the electricity industry and seven at the Energy Research Group in the University of Cambridge. He was a member of the UK Government’s Energy Advisory Panel for ten years from its establishment in 1993. He was the founder and CEO of the energy consulting firm Caminus, which, following its merger with a US software company, was successfully floated on the Nasdaq market in New York in 2000. He was, until Spring 2015, a member of the Council of Management of the Regulatory Policy Institute.

Stephen Smith

Non-Executive Director

Steve joined Flipper as an investor and non executive Director in January 2016.  He has over 20 years experience in energy markets both in the UK and internationally.  He is currently Director, Competition and Regulatory Strategy for Lloyds Banking Group covering all retail financial services markets.  He spent two years as a non-executive on British Gas Customer Fairness Committee. He spent seven years as an executive member of the Board of the Energy Regulator Ofgem as Managing Director of Markets and then Networks. Before Ofgem he was a senior energy consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

What our customers say...

Start saving today

Join Flipper and never overpay for energy again. With guaranteed savings of at least £50/year, it's completely risk-free, so why wait?

❝ Flipper is simple, secure and serves its customers' interests only. That's why I'm not only a Flipper customer, but an investor and board member too. ❞

Stephen Smith, Director, Competition and Regulatory Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group