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Why search and compare complex energy tariffs, when you can get the best deals automatically? Sign up just once — never overpay again.

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How does it work?

We've designed a system to take all the work and worry out of getting the best energy deals. It's so simple, anyone can use it.

Tell us about yourself

Enter a few very simple pieces of information like your address and what you prefer.

We switch you to the best energy deal

Sit back and relax. We switch your supply automatically and notify you with the all the details of your new deal and savings.

Keep saving automatically

Once a quarter, we check if you're still on the best deal and let you know. We switch you again if there's a 10% saving available.

Track the results

Each time you get a new bill we turn it into a nice, clean email update with a full work up of how much we have saved you.

Why Flipper is different?

Most people are put off switching energy deals because it’s too much work. Check out some ways Flipper is different.

Flipper Price Comparison Websites
No looking at bills
No filling forms
No reviewing lists of quotes
Ad-free and private

How much Flipper costs?

We don't earn commision from suppliers. We only work for you. Our small annual subscription fee helps us keep it that way.

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The most powerful automatic personal energy deal switcher in the world for just £25 a year.

You are in excellent company

❝ Flipper is phenomenal. The saving was greater than expected and the customer service is excellent. ❞
Lemy Gresh, Partner at MV Credit
Saving £288/year with no work.