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Margaret Forrest, saving £574/year with no work.
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❝ Around 85% of UK energy customers are paying too much for their energy by not switching. That’s why we’re here to help. ❞
Dr. Nigel Evans, Chairman

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We make sure you get real savings, not just fancy marketing. The key is getting your actual usage data and checking the whole market regularly.

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Finding your new deal is just the beginning. We ensure that your switch goes smoothly and keep checking for even better deals.

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❝ Flipper is phenomenal. The saving was greater than expected and the customer service is excellent. ❞
Lemy Gresh, saving £288/year with no work.
Lemy works in the finance industry so he understands money, but doesn't have the time to compare deals. He wasn't sure if he could switch at first, but we were happy to help him. Needless to say, he was very pleased when we were able to knock over 25% off his annual electricity spend.

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The average household on a standard tariff will save the following based on your supplier*

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*These figures are intended as a guide and represent the actual saving for an average consumption household (3,100kWh electricity, 12,500kWh gas) on a standard dual fuel tariff, paying by monthly direct debit, with no suppliers excluded. Re-calculated at Mar 9, 2016

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So much more than price comparison

We’re not a comparison site. We’re an energy management service that doesn’t take commission and doesn’t leave all of the hard work to you. We do things differently.

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