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Goodbye price comparison. Hello Flipper. Seamless switching to your personal best electricity and gas deals, managed for you.
Goodbye price comparison. Hello Flipper.
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Only £25/year
FREE until we find a saving of at least £50/year.
Personalised saving, done for you by experts.
0% commission
Never paid by suppliers, we work only for you.
Personalised saving, done for you by experts.
Only £25/year
FREE until we find a saving of at least £50/year.
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First time switcher
❝ This is a great service and I can't recommend Flipper highly enough! ❞
Nick Langford, saving £184/year with no work.
Serial switcher
❝ I was surprised that Flipper were able to save me more than £500! ❞
Margaret Forrest, saving £574/year with no work.
Saving money used to be hard work because you had to research and organise to switch. With Flipper it's as easy as 1,2,3.
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Armed with all the info needed, we find the best deal and flip you to it, managing every step of the process.
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We cover every supplier on the market
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Hamendra from Reading
Richard from Suffolk, 29th April 2016
It's finally over
No more paying more than you should for electricity or gas.
No more bewildering bills and difficult digits to decipher.
Hard work
No more time and effort just to get frustrating results.
You can't lose!
With guaranteed savings of at least £50/year, it's completely risk-free, so why wait?
Beyond savings
Flipper doesn't just save you money. We want you to have a better experience with energy.
We manage your switch
Working with your current and new supplier on your behalf.
We standardise all your bills making them super easy to read and understand.
Someone on your side
We're here to help when you have a question or issue with a supplier.
Meet our customer care team
Jenny and her team are passionate about helping our members. Have a question?
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So much more
than price comparison
Flipper is not price comparison. We find your personal best deal and switch you to it automatically. We don't take commission and don't leave the hard work to you. We do things differently.
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I don't have to check my bills
I don't have to go through a list of quotes
I don't get bombarded with adverts
I get a deal that works for me, not suppliers