Grow your online community and get paid by just being you.

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“Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got”.
Janis Joplin, singer-songwriter

Earning and growing can actually strengthen your personal relationship with your audience.

Express Youself

Make a 15 second video clip — a ‘Flip’. It can be about anything you want.


Invite your online community to back you. They actually save money by supporting it.

Earn & Grow

Sign up as many people to Flipper as you can in 2 weeks you get £5 and extra exposure for each one.

How it works?

Send us your Flip

We add our logo and a couple of links so people can support you by signing up. No salesy stuff or product placement.

Share the Flip with your followers

You have 2 weeks to share the Flip and ask people to support and spread it by signing up to Flipper and saving money.

See your views, likes and supporters grow.

For every supporter at the end of 2 weeks we pay £5 in cash.

We also broadcast your Flip to up to 1,000 people.

Ripple Effect

Once your Flip is broadcast, more people will discover and share it.

As more people  support it, every 2 weeks, you can earn even more money and more promotion.

This can happen over and over again — a really great Flip can go a very long way, so make it count!

Who is it for?

Flips are for anyone who wants to grow their following and monetise while reinforcing their relationship with their audience.