Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

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Working with Flipper our energy tech partner, we find the best available energy deal for you and switch you to it, managing the whole process for you. 

We keep you on the best deal by checking the market and your bills 4 times a year, and if we find you a better deal with even greater savings, we'll switch you again. We’ll tell you when we’re going to perform our checks and will give you the option to opt out should you wish to remain on your current tariff.

We simply take your actual energy usage, find the best available deal and switch you to the cheapest possible provider. We automatically compare tariffs on a regular basis, ensuring that you’re always on the best possible deal.

And because we work for you instead of taking commission from suppliers, you can be certain that the best possible deal is the one that suits you, not us. You can even choose to exclude certain suppliers if you want.

How is this different from price comparison sites?

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  • We don’t present you with lists of quotes to understand and compare — we do that for you to find your best available deal.
  • We don’t just show you what deals are available — we switch you to them, managing the whole process for you.
  • We never rely on estimations to determine your usage, which can result in inaccurate quotes and missed savings. We get accurate usage data from your bills to ensure you pay the cheapest price for the energy you use.
  • ‍We don’t take commission from energy suppliers, which means we can switch you to the best deals that you won’t find on price comparison sites.
  • We don’t share/sell your data, or bombard you with ads.

What information do I need to sign up?

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You don't need to know anything about your energy supply. All we need is your

  1. email address,
  2. telephone number,
  3. address,
  4. full name,
  5. date of birth,
  6. residential status (owner, tenant or landlord), and
  7. payment card details.

Does it matter what meter(s) I have?

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Meters we support

We can support all of the following credit meter types:

  • Standard single rate (profile class 01, also called "general domestic" or "GD")
  • Economy 7 (profile class 02, where you have a day rate and a night rate)

If you have a smart meter and are switched to a new supplier, they probably won’t be able to read it. Smart meters will be mandatory and universal from 2020, but until then, suppliers use their own proprietary systems for their smart meters — each company can only read the smart meters it installs. Don't worry if you have one — we can tell you how to take a manual reading so you'll still be able to switch.

Meters we don’t support

We unfortunately can't support Economy 10 meters (for night storage heaters), or prepayment meters (where you use a token, key or card to pay for your utilities in advance).

If you use a token, card or key to top up or pay for your electricity in advance, we won't be able to flip you as we won't be able to calculate your annual usage. Depending on whether you asked for the prepayment meter to be installed, you might be able to get your supplier to change it to a credit meter.

Are there any tariffs I can’t access?

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Tariffs we support

We can switch you to green tariffs if you let us know when you take out the service. You can do this by e-mailing support@theAA.flippercommunity.com, or ringing us on 0208 0048315.

We can switch you if you have a feed-in tariff (e.g. solar panels). For your regular utility supplies, we'll switch them as normal. Feed-in tariffs pay the same rate for the next 20 years, so unless you definitely want to go with a new provider, there's no need for us to switch your FIT — contact us at support@theAA.flippercommunity.com if you'd definitely like yours moved as well.

Tariffs we don’t support

We currently don’t support Warm Home Discounts.

Can you switch me if I’m a tenant / landlord / have multiple properties?

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If you’re a tenant and directly responsible for paying the gas and/or electricity bills, then you would normally choose who your energy supplier is. 

If you don’t pay your energy bills directly, we can still switch you provided you have the permission from your landlord to change your energy supply. If you need to change your meter type, make sure you run this by your landlord or letting agent first. Your new supplier might ask for your landlord's details as part of the switch process.


We can help if you’re a landlord. Provided you have domestic utility accounts (that is, you're not on a business tariff), we can manage your energy accounts for you and help you save across as many properties as you like. Feel free to get in touch with us at support@theAA.flippercommunity.com if you'd like to talk to us about your needs.

Multiple properties

We can help customers who have multiple properties with domestic supplies. We'll register a separate account for each property, as our system works on a "per property" basis. For each property on the account, we can manage one gas supply and one electricity supply.

Can you switch me if my usage has recently changed, or I’ve just moved / am about to move?

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My usage has changed

If your usage has recently changed, we'll still be able to switch you, but our calculations might not be as accurate depending on how much information we have available. This can mean that your direct debit changes as your new supplier gets a better idea of how much you're using. If you provide your new supplier with regular meter readings (we recommend once a month), you can be sure that you're never paying for more or less than you use. Want more information about how this would work for you? Please feel free to talk to us at support@theAA.flippercommunity.com. 

I’ve just moved / am about to move

If you’ve just moved or are about to move home, we'll need to see your first bill from your new property before we can initiate a switch, as we switch you based on your bill data. You're free to register at any time. If you provide us with the login details for your online account with your provider, we'll check until a bill appears — or, once you've received your first bill, send it to us, and we'll check the market and help you save.

If you're a tenant, your new supplier might ask for your landlord's details as part of the switch process.

How do you know which deal is best for me?

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We take your kilowatt hour usage figures for a 12-month period, and then compare the rates you're paying with the best rates on the market to find you a deal that suits your needs. The figures we use need to come from a recent bill, which we can get in one of two ways:

  • Connect us to your online energy account (if you don’t have one, we can create one for you) and we’ll download it from there, or
  • Upload your latest PDF bill for us to check (we’ll give you the option to do so).

Bear in mind that if this figure is estimated, our calculations won't be quite as accurate. Note that we don't compare what you PAY for your energy with what you WILL pay — the amount you're billed doesn't directly relate to how much energy you use. Our calculations always assume that you'll have a settled balance after 12 months.

Exit fees

When we switch you, you may have to pay exit fees. We calculate our savings with these exit fees included — so the saving figure you see is how much you'll save AFTER the fees are deducted — but the exit fees will be payable separately. Sometimes, there'll be a window period of 40 or more days at the end of your tariff where exit fees won't be charged. If we've already switched you to a tariff that has exit fees, and we switch you again further down the line, it'll be because you're saving more money even after the exit fees have been paid.

Exclude suppliers from our searches

We also give you the option to exclude any suppliers you wish to avoid from our searches during signup.

Which suppliers can you switch me to?

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Working with Flipper, we’re not influenced by commission deals, so we can access every tariff from every supplier on the market for you.

We want you to receive the best service possible, so we won’t switch you to any suppliers that don’t meet our five supplier requirements:

  • Suppliers takes no more than 35 days to switch you after they receive your application, and don’t need to visit your home to complete your switch.
  • Suppliers send the full details of your new tariff and offer you a 14 day cooling off period to cancel your switch.
  • Your current and new suppliers work together to ensure you aren’t charged twice for the same energy, and inform us of any problems with your switch as soon as possible.
  • Suppliers issue regular and accurate bills on time (at least once every six months), and make them available to you via an online energy account.
  • Suppliers send you your final bill no later than six weeks after your switch is complete, and pay any money they owe you no later than 14 days after sending you your final bill.

Suppliers we switch to

  • Airtricity
  • Atlantic
  • Avro Energy
  • Bristol Energy
  • British Gas
  • Bulb Energy
  • Cooperative Energy
  • E.ON
  • Ebico
  • EDF Energy
  • EnergySW
  • Extra Energy
  • Fairerpower
  • First Utility
  • Flow Energy
  • Future Energy
  • GnERGY
  • Good Energy
  • Green EnergyUK
  • Green Star Energy
  • iSupplyEnergy
  • M&S Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Peterborough Energy
  • Places For People Energy
  • Robin Hood Energy
  • Sainsbury's Energy
  • Scottish Power
  • So Energy
  • Southend Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • SSE
  • SSE Scottish Hydro
  • SSE Southern Electric
  • UtilityWarehouse

You can exclude suppliers you don’t like

During sign up, let us know if there are any suppliers you wish to avoid, and we’ll exclude them from our searches.

Change your mind

In addition, you have a 14 day cooling-off period to cancel your switch if you change your mind, and if you don't like your new supplier for any reason, we'll switch you again at no extra cost with no questions asked. Please note that we may require your assistance in order to cancel a switch.

After the cooling-off period, it becomes much more difficult, so we recommend our customers let us know if there are any issues as soon as they can.

Why do you switch automatically?

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Energy deals change very quickly, so to avoid delays that can result in missed savings, we switch customers to their best deals the moment we find them to secure the tariff.

How do I cancel the service and what happens when I do?

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You’re free to cancel at any time. Just let us know by either emailing support@theAA.flippercommunity.com, or ringing us on 020 800 483 15.

If you cancel, don't worry about your energy: you'll still be on your most recent tariff. Because we set up online facilities for you and your relationship with your supplier is independent, you'll be able to manage your utilities as if you'd switched yourself.

I have a refund due from my old supplier. How do I get the money I’m owed?

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When your switch is complete, your former supplier will generate a final bill for you based on your current meter readings (your new supplier will send these to your original supplier as part of the switch process).

If your account is in credit when the final payment is taken, your former supplier will refund the money straight to your bank account.

Sometimes suppliers can be a little slow in processing refunds, so if you're ever worried about the state of play, it's worth getting in touch with them to chase things up — we can't usually do this unless we have named authority on your account.

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