Which suppliers can you switch me to?

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Working with Flipper, we’re not influenced by commission deals, so we can access every tariff from every supplier on the market for you.

We want you to receive the best service possible, so we won’t switch you to any suppliers that don’t meet our five supplier requirements:

  • Suppliers takes no more than 35 days to switch you after they receive your application, and don’t need to visit your home to complete your switch.
  • Suppliers send the full details of your new tariff and offer you a 14 day cooling off period to cancel your switch.
  • Your current and new suppliers work together to ensure you aren’t charged twice for the same energy, and inform us of any problems with your switch as soon as possible.
  • Suppliers issue regular and accurate bills on time (at least once every six months), and make them available to you via an online energy account.
  • Suppliers send you your final bill no later than six weeks after your switch is complete, and pay any money they owe you no later than 14 days after sending you your final bill.

Suppliers we switch to

  • Airtricity
  • Atlantic
  • Avro Energy
  • Bristol Energy
  • British Gas
  • Bulb Energy
  • Cooperative Energy
  • E.ON
  • Ebico
  • EDF Energy
  • EnergySW
  • Extra Energy
  • Fairerpower
  • First Utility
  • Flow Energy
  • Future Energy
  • GB Energy
  • GnERGY
  • Good Energy
  • Green EnergyUK
  • Green Star Energy
  • iSupplyEnergy
  • M&S Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Peterborough Energy
  • Places For People Energy
  • Robin Hood Energy
  • Sainsbury's Energy
  • Scottish Power
  • So Energy
  • Southend Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • SSE
  • SSE Scottish Hydro
  • SSE Southern Electric
  • UtilityWarehouse

You can exclude suppliers you don’t like

During sign up, let us know if there are any suppliers you wish to avoid, and we’ll exclude them from our searches.

Change your mind

In addition, you have a 14 day cooling-off period to cancel your switch if you change your mind, and if you don't like your new supplier for any reason, we'll switch you again at no extra cost with no questions asked. Please note that we may require your assistance in order to cancel a switch.

After the cooling-off period, it becomes much more difficult, so we recommend our customers let us know if there are any issues as soon as they can.