What is a "proxy e-mail address", and how does it work?

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A proxy e-mail address is an address set up by our partners Flipper as a "proxy" for your own — that means it's used in place of your own e-mail address when we sign up for an online account with your supplier.

The email address will usually be made up of a few different elements:

  • Your name, with or without an underscore (e.g. "johnsmith", "john_smith")
  • A number of random characters, to make sure it's unique (e.g. a1234)
  • A domain suffix (e.g. @AA.flippermail.com, @blizzardmailcom, @sparrowhawkmail.com)

In the above example, the username for John Smith's online management account might be: john_smitha1234@AA.flippermail.com.

Your supplier will use this e-mail address to communicate with us, and you. Any important e-mails sent to the proxy email address will be forwarded to the address you used to sign up to the service.