How does the service work?

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Working with Flipper our energy tech partner, we find the best available energy deal for you and switch you to it, managing the whole process for you. 

We keep you on the best deal by checking the market and your bills 4 times a year, and if we find you a better deal with even greater savings, we'll switch you again. We’ll tell you when we’re going to perform our checks and will give you the option to opt out should you wish to remain on your current tariff.

We simply take your actual energy usage, find the best available deal and switch you to the cheapest possible provider. We automatically compare tariffs on a regular basis, ensuring that you’re always on the best possible deal.

And because we work for you instead of taking commission from suppliers, you can be certain that the best possible deal is the one that suits you, not us. You can even choose to exclude certain suppliers if you want.