How do you know which deal is best for me?

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We take your kilowatt hour usage figures for a 12-month period, and then compare the rates you're paying with the best rates on the market to find you a deal that suits your needs. The figures we use need to come from a recent bill, which we can get in one of two ways:

  • Connect us to your online energy account (if you don’t have one, we can create one for you) and we’ll download it from there, or
  • Upload your latest PDF bill for us to check (we’ll give you the option to do so).

Bear in mind that if this figure is estimated, our calculations won't be quite as accurate. Note that we don't compare what you PAY for your energy with what you WILL pay — the amount you're billed doesn't directly relate to how much energy you use. Our calculations always assume that you'll have a settled balance after 12 months.

Exit fees

When we switch you, you may have to pay exit fees. We calculate our savings with these exit fees included — so the saving figure you see is how much you'll save AFTER the fees are deducted — but the exit fees will be payable separately. Sometimes, there'll be a window period of 40 or more days at the end of your tariff where exit fees won't be charged. If we've already switched you to a tariff that has exit fees, and we switch you again further down the line, it'll be because you're saving more money even after the exit fees have been paid.

As we flip you to better tariffs throughout the year, our algorithm considers more than just savings when determining your best deal. We take your current exit fees into account, and compare both savings and exit fees on available new tariffs to ensure you get the greatest long term savings.

Exclude suppliers from our searches

We also give you the option to exclude any suppliers you wish to avoid from our searches during signup.