Can you switch me if I’m a tenant / landlord / have multiple properties?

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If you’re a tenant and directly responsible for paying the gas and/or electricity bills, then you would normally choose who your energy supplier is. 

If you don’t pay your energy bills directly, we can still switch you provided you have the permission from your landlord to change your energy supply. If you need to change your meter type, make sure you run this by your landlord or letting agent first. Your new supplier might ask for your landlord's details as part of the switch process.


We can help if you’re a landlord. Provided you have domestic utility accounts (that is, you're not on a business tariff), we can manage your energy accounts for you and help you save across as many properties as you like. Feel free to get in touch with us at if you'd like to talk to us about your needs.

Multiple properties

We can help customers who have multiple properties with domestic supplies. We'll register a separate account for each property, as our system works on a "per property" basis. For each property on the account, we can manage one gas supply and one electricity supply.