Can you switch me if my usage has recently changed, or I’ve just moved / am about to move?

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My usage has changed

If your usage has recently changed, we'll still be able to switch you, but our calculations might not be as accurate depending on how much information we have available. This can mean that your direct debit changes as your new supplier gets a better idea of how much you're using. If you provide your new supplier with regular meter readings (we recommend once a month), you can be sure that you're never paying for more or less than you use. Want more information about how this would work for you? Please feel free to talk to us at

I’ve just moved / am about to move

If you’ve just moved or are about to move home, we'll need to see your first bill from your new property before we can initiate a switch, as we switch you based on your bill data. You're free to register at any time. If you provide us with the login details for your online account with your provider, we'll check until a bill appears — or, once you've received your first bill, send it to us, and we'll check the market and help you save.

If you're a tenant, your new supplier might ask for your landlord's details as part of the switch process.